Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inner Light

There is an everlasting, bright light of knowing awareness that dwells within us -- its home is the heart. Sometimes, we feel the light more than other times, but the truth is, according to the Vedas (the ancient yogic teachings) and especially the Bhagavad Gita, that it is always there -- shining bright. So, why do we not always feel that light -- why does it feel like it is so impossible to access (and why does it seem to get even harder in the winter in Wisconsin when the days get grayer and we need the inner light more than ever?). I got a great answer to this question a couple of weekends ago from Devidas Karina Ayn Mirsky (www.sanghayoga.com) who said it is the pathways to the heart that get blocked and that's why we have trouble accessing it. All we have to do is keep the inner space open and free of obstacles and we'll be able to access the intrinsic light.

Yep, "all we have to do" is keep the inner space open. How? Practice.
Thank goodness for practice.