Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall Schedule Almost Here!

Hello Everyone,

I have been hard at work getting ready to launch the Tapestry Yoga Center in Room 203 of the Landmark Center -- a fantastic 924 sq ft space where I will offer 5 classes a week and 5 other teachers are joining me to offer classes of their own in Nia, Belly Dance, Tai Chi, Sivananda Yoga and a Vinyasa Yoga Class.  It is an exciting line-up and it almost ready to be published!   

It has been quite a summer full, Full, FULL of travel and visitors.  This all adds up to Vata challenges -- way too much movement, transition and change.  I have one more week of company hosting my very good friend, Felice, from Maryland and her two kids.  She'll be here just in time to help me get my new yoga studio cleaned and to begin the transformation of Room 203 a into a beautiful inviting space.  I am so looking forward to getting into the space which will be cleared out this Sunday, August 23rd and creating a yoga sanctuary not just for ME, but for everyone else who is also calling out for a yoga home to ground their practice and rhythmically move deep into understanding of Self and yogic philosophy.   

I welcome lots of help in getting this studio pulled together before Free Class Week the week of September 20th which is our grand opening.  There's much to clean, paint, build out and decorate.  If you feel inspired to volunteer in an effort to build this yoga community space, please email me.  My husband/carpenter/tech wizard, Matt is psyched to pitch in as is Vicky Ramsay, Sam Ramsay, Paul Fairchild and some friends from One Spirit Rising (which is going to start meeting in the space every other Sunday morning starting on 9/13).  Please join us :-).

I miss you all and so look forward to teaching again in one month.  I have been rebooting my personal practice (which tends to suffer when I'm on the road with my kids or have a house full of company which has been about 75% of this summer).  Thanks to Anne O'Connor for getting up at 6 am the last 5 days and practicing two hours together.  There's nothing like good company to inspire you to wake up with the birds to salute the sun.  Hari om.