Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Weekend in Chicago

WOW!  Just came back from a really extraordinary weekend with my guru, Yogarupa Rod Stryker.  I have been studying with Rod since February 2002 when my son Truman was one-year old -- I first went to one of his workshops because my local yoga teacher, Suzie Hurley, strongly suggested that those of us starting her teacher training should take advantage of his coming through our area.  My first weekend was overwhelming, but deeply touching.  I wish in hindsight that I had actually had more experience in yoga before I took his class -- I was new enough to it that I just figured his workshop was just what all weekend workshops felt like -- deep, powerful, multi-faceted journeys to deep meditation.  It was the first time I had ever meditated and it was brilliant.  This past weekend -- my 17th Rod Stryker Workshop - was brilliant, too.

I could write a 10 page blog on my whole life since and how connected it is to my study with this master-teacher.  Tonite my primary goal is to prepare for class tomorrow, so I better not start writing that history right now.  But, I can't resist taking a few minutes to share highlights from this past weekend.

I put the word out in my classes and to just about anyone else I encountered in my life who might be interested that I was traveling to Chicago June 5-7 for a weekend workshop in Hinsdale with Rod -- want to come?  Right away, Anne O'Connor volunteered to drive (she's a mighty driver) -- this is her second Stryker workshop having gone up to Minneapolis for a weekend workshop in March where we had a great time.  And two others signed up --inspired to explore the deeper teachings of yoga that Rod masterfully teaches -- Geri Shonka and Jessica Hooper.  So, four of us headed off to Chicago at 8 am on Friday for a classic women's away weekend road trip -- complete with a very long stop at Whole Paycheck -- I mean Whole Foods in Madison.  

There's so much to say -- it was silly, warm, interesting, honest and deeply reflective conversation.  It was a total act of courage and faith for Geri and Jessica to commit to so much time with a new teacher.  And truly, the practices and the science of Tantra Yoga touched our hearts and opened us to a great remembrance of our source.  

I feel inspired to share more of the practices and teachings I have learned from Rod and am in the midst of moving closer to completing his teacher training program -- I have several book reports to complete and soon I will sit for a 15-day honor system take home exam to integrate all of my studies with him over the last 8 years.   It's my hope to be recognized officially as one of his initiated dedicated teachers within this year.  

Truly, yoga touches my heart and gives me a direct experience of the divine in my life in meditation and through every encounter.   I am more inspired than ever and eager to share this powerful science of going inside to know our fullest capacity for joy and expression.  

Friday, June 5, 2009

No Class This Saturday June 6th

Class this Saturday, June 6th is cancelled so that I can attend a weekend workshop in Chicago with my teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker.  I had hoped to find a sub for this class, but that proved harder than I expected.  I also simply forgot to let you know last week of my plans and held out hope all week of finding a substitute.  Alas, I am on the eve of my trip spreading the word and sincerely hoping no one arrives at the doors to room 105 early on Saturday to a note on the door saying "Class is Cancelled".

Apologies for the last minute notice.  I look forward to coming back renewed and energized and will be in class on Tuesday.  All other classes this session through July 4th are scheduled to run with me teaching them as scheduled.

Thanks for your understanding.