Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join "40 Days of Yoga in Viroqua"

Not to be missed!  Meg Abene Newlin, Anusara-Inspired teacher extraordinaire and TYC teacher, has initiated a really super idea -- 40 Days of Yoga starting yesterday.  It is time to jump on board the yoga train that is leaving the station.  The idea is this:  She is posting a practice every evening for us to do the next day at home.  If you need props, she's has some to lend you and she has created a blog to join and interact with.  Please go to her blog and check it out:

I am eager to participate and encourage everyone to jump on board and build the heat of tapas through your practice and energize your determination and willpower.  Step into connection with your Self and your community through 40 Days of Yoga in Viroqua!